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About US

Peach & Wolf is the brainchild of Laura and Will.

About 6 years ago Laura decided to leave the corporate finance world behind to pursue her passion to be a chef and a baker. Before moving to Australia she worked as a private chef and trained at one of London’s most popular wholesale artisan bakeries. She then run a little café and small batch bakery. Once down under she co-founded Flour Shop, a busy bakery in Turramurra that quickly gained a reputation among locals for their slow fermented artisan breads and pastries. 


Will has a strong hospitality industry background, with an emphasis on customer service. He owned and successfully operated a mobile bar service and managed a couple of bars in his younger years. Since then he has stayed close to the scene by assisting friends with their own cafes and restaurants. 


After their son was born, Laura and Will decided to pack their suitcases along with their dog Leia (yes, like Princess Leia), and leave Sydney behind in search of a more meaningful life in a quieter place where they could be part of a community, start their dream business and raise their son. 

We care about what we make

We don’t see P&W as solely 'our business', but as an opportunity to encourage real change (as small as that might be) around us. We are doing this because we care about creating & nurturing our community.


We care about minimising the impact our business has on the environment.


We care about the ingredients that we select and who we source them from.

We believe that if we support other local; like-minded businesses, our humble small operations will have a greater impact.


It’s as simple as putting our money where our mouth is. We want to build relationships by putting our trust and value in locals, and in return locals trust us to make the best possible, long fermented; nutrient dense baked goods.

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